Chef Sunder Kumar

Five Star Diamond Chef Sunder Kumar, is the heart of the 5 Chefs. His career began in 1979, where he honed his skills at the 5 Star Maurya Sheraton, in New Delhi from 1982 to1985. He polished his craft at the celebrated Hyatt Regency, in New Delhi & perfected his Indo Chinese forte, at the Bali Hyatt in Bangkok & Hong Kong. Sunder arrived in the United States in ’85, as Executive Chef of Moghul restaurant & was praised many times, for his expertise, by the Star Ledger, New York Times, Channel 12, Macy’s & many other prestigious critics. He the recipient of awards such as the Chef’s 2000 Gold Medal, chosen from a field of 5,000. Chef Sunder’s attention to detail, high standards & magical hands, designate .the Five Chefs, a family-owned group, with the combined experience over 30 years, as the ultimate hosts, for any important event

Chef Siriam Pandit

Chef Siriram Pandit, began his lifelong apprenticeship with Indian preparations, in ’83, as the prominent Host in New Delhi, to learn the intricacies of Indian cuisine & the true depth of the experience of Indian food, in daily life. He continued to develop his craft, at the legendary Marina Hotel, in New Delhi, India, with many renowned chefs & arrived in the U.S. in ’85, where he continued his circle of knowledge, by joining the staff of the much applauded Moghul Room, in New York in ’87. Working for the same company until the present, he distinguished himself, by assisting in the openings, of Moghul Restaurants in St. Thomas, the Virgin Islands, Morristown, NJ, & the well-known Moghul Express Caterers in Edison. Siriram is a culinary performer & enjoys preparing tableside, soulful, elegant Indian cuisine, that takes the experience of & dining, to another level of appreciation. Praised by the National Association of Physicians, for presenting extraordinary catering, Siriram .enjoys the organization of gastronomic events around the world, with the impressive 5 Chefs

Chef Chander Bhandari

Chef Chander, has nurtured 22 years of a lifelong passion, for the traditional flavors of Indian cookery & received his culinary diploma after working & studying, at the Crown Plaza Holiday Inn, in New Delhia from ’90 to ’93, after which, he joined the Moghul restaurant group, With specialties in South Indian cuisine, which he studied in Chennai India, Chander trained in Madras, India, at the Chola Sheraton & received a ,plethora of awards & critical acclaim, including the New York Times, New Jersey Dine Magazine & the Star Ledger. Born in Northern India his culinary philosophy celebrates the many aspects of superlative Northern Indian fare. He stated, “It’s important to stick to tradition, understand how spices work in food & give the cuisine the respect it deserves”. He has continued the family tradition, of serving great, freshly .made Indian food & welcoming back his regular guests


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